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QA Testing as a Service

Fast, human-powered QA testing for agile teams that take quality personally.

NelsonHall Profile of test IO

Leading analyst firm NelsonHall published an in-depth vendor profile of test IO, highlighting our key service offerings.
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If your software team asks you to “Choose two: cost, features, or quality,” maybe it’s time to try a new approach. Crowdtesting with test IO helps control personnel costs, make release cycles predictable, and prevent revenue-sapping bugs from reaching your customers. Starting a crowdtest with test IO takes minutes. It’s like having a flexible, extended team and your own device lab, without the overhead.
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Your team is moving faster than ever, but it’s on you when bugs fall through the cracks. Even with 95 percent test coverage, there’s always a risk when you ship code, especially with the variety of devices your customers use. With test IO, you get human testers using real devices without the overhead and lag time associated with manual testing, so you can ship fast and with confidence.
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Representing your customer can be a lonely job. test IO makes it easy to get independent insight about how your product functions under real-world conditions. With test IO’s crowdtesters behind you, you don’t need to wonder about whether or not your product is ready for the world — you’ll have thousands of people on your team, giving you the insight you need before you ship.
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It seems like it’s always crunch time, doesn’t it? And your skilled QA team members are a precious resource. With test IO’s crowdtesters behind them running tests on real devices, you can focus your team on projects where close coordination with developers is essential. Because you can scale up instantly and run as many tests as you need, you’ll never bottleneck on a lack of skilled testers.
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Quality gets around

test IO has been recognized by numerous organizations as a leading crowdtesting vendor, changing the way cutting-edge software teams approach QA. 
Stevie Awards 2019
“There were a handful of reasons why crowdtesting made sense for us... We weren't able to achieve this degree of test coverage in the past.”
Kyle Mundt
Engineering Manager

QA Testing for the Modern Dev Team

Great software companies like Facebook and Google perform thousands of hours of manual QA testing every month. Their secret? Their non-technical employees and their customers are the testers. Most teams don’t have that luxury. Crowdtesting with test IO levels the playing field, giving your team access to thousands of QA testers who can make sure your software is ready to ship.

QA Testing - Now More Than Ever

These days, customers are constantly rating your software, whether it’s in the app store, on Twitter, or in online communities. A bug that affects one customer might influence a thousand potential customers. Real world QA testing removes risk from your release process so you can focus on your company’s growth.

DevOps and QA Testing - Better Together

Continuous integration, test automation, and containerization have made it easier than ever to deploy software. But how do you know you’re ready to deploy? With test IO, you can automatically trigger human-powered tests as part of your release workflow, giving you additional confidence before you ship.

QA Testing for Websites and Apps

Thorough testing is indispensable to ensure that your websites and apps work properly on all devices. With test IO, you avoid the risk of giving your users a bad user experience.

Ship Faster, Sleep Better

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