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IoT & Connected Device Testing 

An increasingly connected world demands real-world testing solutions.

Taming Complexity is What We Do

Test IO’s global community of experienced, technically savvy IoT testers can handle a wide variety of challenges, from alpha devices requiring complex installation to plug-and-play products undergoing their final shakedowns before launch. We accomplish this all under real-world conditions that can’t be replicated in the controlled environment of a testing lab.

Bespoke IoT Testing Solutions Tailored to Your Specific Requirements

While IoT testing scenarios span a broad range of possibilities, Test IO consistently supports our customers in: 

  • Identifying and selecting IoT quality professionals with the necessary skills and compatible devices to ensure a proper real-world proving ground
  • Developing test scenarios, recording mechanisms, and surveys to supply the feedback your product team needs
  • Handling or supporting the logistics of shipping devices to countries around the world
  • Delivering specific, actionable feedback from unboxing to bugs to overall user experience


We Handle Testing, So You Can Focus on Building

Let Test IO handle all the logistic and management challenges of real world testing, so your team can focus on the engineering, documentation, packaging, in-house testing and the other complexities of shipping a world-class connected device.


Want to know more about how Test IO can be put to work for you?  

If you want to unlock the unmatched coverage, scalability, customization, and ROI that Test IO can deliver, let's connect and talk quality!