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Our Values & Mission 

Who We Are

At Test IO, we’re a diverse global network of dedicated testing experts vetted real-world testers. We believe the digital economy should provide opportunity for anyone, anywhere, to contribute. With inclusiveness and technology at the core of our DNA, we deliver optimal time-to-value for our customers, flexibly and at an unrivaled pace, through a full spectrum of testing services.

Helping our customers to ‘shift left, test right’, not only are we working together to ship faster and innovate with greater precision. But we’re creating real STEM opportunities around the world.

Power the Change

Constant change is our opportunity: We make it work. We relish challenges, we love solving problems and we always strive to expand possibilities. 

Make a Meaningful Difference

Creating value is our north star: We achieve proven impact. We are driven by outcomes, finding a better way and always putting quality first.

Always Move Forward

Learning is our lifeblood: We never stop improving. We consistently challenge ourselves to grow — as individuals and as a collective. If we don’t know, we seek answers. When we do know, we share knowledge. And if things go wrong? We learn, we get up and we go again. 

Open Doors, Create Opportunities

We’re builders first and foremost: We want what we build to have an impact. We’re not only helping our customers deliver the kinds of experiences they want to deliver to their customers, but we’re reaching out and inviting everybody who wants to help to join us. No borders, no barriers, just people.

Real People, Together

Community is at our heart: We achieve as a team. We say what we think, and we think about what we say. We’re open, we don’t over-promise, we’re sincere and we always make room for the truth. And we laugh at ourselves when we know it’ll do us good.

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