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Regression Testing

Regression Testing[HT1] 

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Regression testing. Because we’re all only human.

Regression Testing is Mandatory

Software teams know that the latest isn’t always the greatest. Regression testing finds issues you may have introduced unintentionally by changing the software. When adding features, refactoring or fixing other bugs, it’s crucial to make sure you haven’t broken anything as it’s essential to identify newly revealed problems that had been previously masked.

We Take the Pain Out of Pain Points

Lengthy regression cycles often delay releases and frustrate development teams. Because we have a global community of on-demand vetted, experienced quality professionals ready to engage, we can compress cycles that once took days to turn around in under 24 hours. With Test IO, you can nimbly ramp your capacity to support major regression cycles without paying for idle resources.

Whenever You Need Us, Our Expertise Will Be Ready


Our experienced functional testers and QA analysts have expertise in many domains and software platforms, so you’ll get professionally written test cases with minimal hassle.


We’ll make sure your test cases are ready for rapid execution by our network of testers and work with you to optimize the execution for speed and cost.


When developing your regression test cases, we always have an eye on automation. When you’re ready, we have one of the world’s foremost test automation practices – willing and able to employ proven, open-source technologies to meet your automation needs and make your testing even faster.

The Power of The Crowd

With Test IO’s crowd-powered quality solutions, you can combine the execution of predefined regression test cases with a broad-spectrum sweep for newly uncovered bugs, increasing your confidence every time you ship. Test IO regression testing is also the perfect compliment to robust test automation. Test automation can't predict the unpredictable, and it can't deliver real-world results under real-world conditions. 


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