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Testing Solutions for EdTech

Delivering Exceptional Learning Experiences

Helping students secure a brighter future hinges on addressing critical educational challenges. EdTech companies recognize the need to evolve beyond traditional models, processes, and legacy systems. However, innovation cannot come at the expense of user experience quality. Ensuring top-notch user experiences and shipping exceptional products are essential for driving progress in education and training through technology.

The Future of Education

New solutions need to be developed to support lifelong learning and changing content consumption habits. To this end, EdTech companies are constantly innovating and creating more individualized and learner-centric experiences to deliver impactful content and experiences that make learning frictionless and fun for students of all ages. As a part of their SDLCs, they need to have quality engineering strategies that can keep pace.

Continuous, Holistic, Professional Testing Designed For You

That’s where Test IO comes in.

Our on-demand testing solutions are built on the power of our global Test IO community of digital quality professionals. Through them we can help in-house development and quality teams shift left with our test automation services and tools, while opening the doors to real-world testing under production-like conditions. Exceptional products shipped with greater confidnece, faster, for less. That's the Test IO way.

Test IO is also backed up by EPAM's engineering expertise and development DNA. Whatever the quality challenge, we can solve it.




Load & Performance Testing




The Test IO Edge

Total Customer Experience Alignment

Test IO’s foundation is built on the unparalleled flexibility, adaptability, and coverage of our community of vetted digital quality professionals.. That means we can design highly customized quality and testing solutions that allow financial services and FinTech companies to rigorously test their customer and transaction experiences, under real-world conditions, anywhere in the world.

Additionally, the Test IO community includes subject matter experts across a diverse range of discplines and fields who can test specific content and curricula.

Unified Device Compatibility

The diversity of hardware, software, mobile networks, user preferences, and usage habits is always growing and always changing. Test IO’s holistic testing solutions are made to take on those quality challenges and win.Our custom test teams are built from our international community of vetted, skilled digital quality professionals. Leveraging this vast real-world testing network lets us make sure that everything works as intended, no matter what or where.

Total Compliance 

Data security, privacy, accessibility, and usability standards are universally stringent, though specific requirements may differ across regions. For EdTech companies compliance is crucial to preventing repercussions, avoiding hefty fines, protecting  brand reputation, and guaranteeing inclusive user experiences. Test IO offers expertise and resources that help companies identify real-world data vulnerabilities and UI/UX issues, ensuring they meet these essential standards

We Know ‘Connected’

Personalized engagement. Integrated payment.  Integrated content distribution and fulfillment networks.  A diversity of devices. The digital spiderweb of interconnected systems and individual experiences is complex, but each part is essential. EdTech companies can’t afford to neglect one area while testing another. Test IO’s 360-degree approach to quality engineering makes sure they don’t.

Complete Security

We can help you test the strength of your digital security and data privacy with our white hat testing solutions that can simulate cyberattacks and intrusion efforts, to keep your user data safe and secure. And don’t worry, Test IO’s security infrastructure and vetted testers ensure that hostile actors aren’t invited to the testing party.

TestIO Education


"Test IO was different; it’s much more agile and iterative. We can submit a simple description of what we want tested and have testers themselves take more initiative. I don’t know how you train your testers, but it’s exciting to watch them work!” 

Gareth Price, Engineering Manager


Want a strategict quality partner who can help you deliver exceptional student experiences? Let's talk! 

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