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AI Powered Analytics

Generate, aggregate and analyze automated test reports with the help of AI to quickly and precisely gauge release health.

Advanced Test Automation Efficiency with Reportportal:

  • Automated release decisions based on test results
  • Clear overview of testing status across various environments  
  • Transparency of test failures causes
  • Reduced team efforts
  • Time saving for teams
  • Advanced visualization of key metrics and KPI

ReportPortal has everything you need from the ideal test automation dashboard:

Single entry point and unified test reporting

Accumulate all the automation test results in one place as a single-entry point, standardized across various platforms, frameworks and programming languages

AI-based failure triage

Delegate your routine work connected to failure triaging to Auto-analysis in order to reduce team efforts

Rich artifacts in test reports 

Root cause analysis enriched with testing artefacts, history and screenshots

Real-time reporting

Save time on early reaction with immediate availability of executed test cases

Visualization of test data for managers

Gather and analyze test automation results at scale. Take a helicopter view on the project or dig deeper into more detail to make decisions faster

Open reporting API

Generate custom reports, push and pull data into and from ReportPortal for the third-party tools thanks to ReportPortal API

Integration with BTS and CI/CD tools

Exchange information between ReportPortal and Bug Tracking Systems to post issues and get updates on their statuses

Quality Gates

Form a rule-based feedback loop from your testing results back to CI/CD pipeline in order to automate decisions based on your testing data

ReportPortal’s visualizations are designed to give you actionable insights at-a-glance, letting you focus on development and testing not data science.

ReportPortal is the ultimate solution for managing and analyzing test execution results. Being an open-source solution, the platform offers two types of offerings to fit any organization's needs: SaaS and On-Premises.

SaaS: Easy access to the platform from anywhere, no need for installation or maintenance. Simply sign up for an account and start using ReportPortal right away.

On-Premises: Perfect for organizations with strict data security requirements. With this option, you can install ReportPortal on your own servers which gives you full control over your data.

Both options offer powerful features, including advanced analytics, real-time reporting, and customizable dashboards. Whether you're a small team or a large enterprise, ReportPortal has everything you need to optimize your test results analysis. 

Try ReportPortal today and see the difference it can make for your organization! 

Don’t let the efforts saved with test automation fade because of the overwhelming test result analysis.  Pure visibility with test automation dashboard and ML-based categorization will help you to generate and analyze reports with ease and speed. 




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