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Accessibility Testing

Everybody deserves a great user experience. No exceptions.
Accessibility is the key to unlocking those experiences. Also no exceptions.

There’s a lot on the line when it comes to Accessibility

Your application needs to be a great experience for everyone. But not everyone will experience or interact with it in the same way. Not only can poor accessibility negatively impact the delivery of inclusive user experiences, but it can increase the risk of legal and reputation penalties.

The Needed Accessibility Expertise

Our team of digital accessibility professionals, collaborating across a global community with specialized accessibility testing experience, ensure great and equitable user experiences across all platforms, adhering to WCAG and other major accessibility standards. Whether you need continuous testing to accelerate SDLCs or to identify gaps before release. Or if you need a comprehensive assessment and remediation plan, we have you and your users covered. 

The Art & Science of Accessibility

Our accessibility team consults on accessibility best practices as members of your development and quality teams. Our mission is to support and collaborate, not replace. With in-depth knowledge of accessibility standards, we provide assessments and compliance reports with remediation recommendations. From there, we develop an ongoing testing strategy including team/client education, accessibility integration into development processes, fix verification, document production and standards reporting.

Fun Fact 

‘A11Y’ is a common abbreviation for ‘accessibility’. It stands for “A” +”11 letters: ‘ccessibilit’” + “Y”. Just one more example of how much fun quality experts are at parties.

Exploring Accessibility Through WCAG’s Eyes

Companies keep making the news for all the wrong reasons. Lawsuits being filed against them because their apps, sites, and technologies don’t conform to the WCAG standard. The only way to avoid these situations is rigorous accessibility testing by people who have the knowledge and experience testing to WCAG.

Across websites and devices, our accessibility testers uncover violations that don’t meet the WCAG accessibility standard as well as misalignments with best practices. They provide quick and substantive feedback with minimal lead time, allowing for rapid iteration and resolution. Not only does our bug reporting include targeted devices, operating systems and browsers. It also includes assistive technologies which help users overcome vision, learning, dexterity/mobility and language/communication challenges.

Reducing Development Costs Through Test Optimization

We tailor our accessibility testing to provide optimal coverage using a variety of methodologies and strategies, all based on your specific development goals and target audience. For example, rather than trying to cover all possible device/OS/browser combinations, we can help reduce development and testing costs by identifying and zeroing in on the higher priority combinations based on usage data in your target geographic areas.

Accessibility isn’t Just for Mobile Apps

If your accessibility testing requires specialized subject matter expertise such as medical device usage, IoT, or other physical devices — we’ve got you covered. Test IO has a team of dedicated testers who can test beyond mobile devices and desktop computers. Need to test devices like IoT devices, headsets, or kiosk interfaces for accessibility standards? We can deliver.

TestIO Exploratory Testing



"We have 65 million users on our platform. Anything pushed live has immediate and very visible outcomes to a nontrivial number of people.” 


Gareth Price, Engineering Manager


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