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Streaming & OTT Testing 

Deliver superior streaming and OTT experiences anywhere in the world.

Customers watching video on-demand (VOD) or live events demand the same reliability from streaming platforms that they had with cable. But as an over-the-top (OTT) media provider you know how much more demanding the streaming environment is.

Conquer the Fragmentation & Unpredictability of Real-World Demands

Your customers use dozens of streaming platforms, across hundreds of devices, working in markets with diverse languages, compliance requirements and network conditions. When you need to expand beyond the constraints of your testing lab to truly investigate how well your app and content delivery works in the real-world, around the world, under real-world conditions, Test IO can help.

Cover All Your Bases, Including the Ones You Didn’t Think Of

Our international network of digital media professionals, located in nearly every country and using a wide variety of OTT/VOD devices as well as phones, tablets and computers can:
  • Test video playback across a variety of platforms and countries
  • Rigorously evaluate video content, including voiceover/dubbing, playback, closed captioning/subtitling
  • Ensure compatibility of apps across OTT and VOD devices
  • Uncover issues with localization, ad insertion and network latency across the world
  • Make sure browsing and viewing are seamless experiences regardless of location or platform

Test IO Streaming & OTT Expertise in Your Corner

Whether you’re developing a new streaming app or a new OTT device, we’ve got the people, the coverage, the scalability, and the on-demand availability to ensure a smooth and problem-free testing experience, so you can enjoy smooth and problem-free releases and your customers can enjoy frictionless media experiences.

TestIO Streaming and OTT Testing


“Bugs are being found that while we could find then, would take us 48-72 hours to find them in our regressions suite, where Test IO is finding them in less than 24 hours This enabled us to do additional forms of testing, carrying out further efforts that we didn’t have time to focus on prior.” 

Jeremy Black, Staff QA Engineer, BuzzFeed


Want to know more about how Test IO can be put to work for you? 

When you need to get it right the first time (your customers will certainly let you know if you don't), let's work together and craft winning streaming and OTT experiences.