Tightening the Software Development Feedback Loop

Powen Shiah Powen Shiah, December 5th In Blog

At test IO, we’re committed to finding more ways to give teams the human feedback they need about the software they’re building, from usability testing on wireframes to device coverage checks on mobile apps all the way to verification of… Read more

What’s the ROI on Crowdtesting?

John Kensinger John Kensinger, December 3rd In Blog

Internal QA can be expensive and time consuming. How does crowdtesting help to relieve this economic and personnel burden?… Read more

What We Learned About Our Crowdtesting Community

John Kensinger John Kensinger, November 27th In Blog

test IO wouldn’t be possible without its community of incredible crowdtesters, so we took some time to find out a little more about them…. Read more

Occasion Brands uses human testers to center customers in its agile development process

Powen Shiah Powen Shiah, November 16th In Blog

Online retailer Occasion Brands has been working with test IO since mid-2017. Crowdtesting has enabled the company to stay agile and customer-focused while also launching multiple new products on deadline. It’s created capacity for their product leadership to focus on… Read more

Alpha vs Beta Testing

John Kensinger John Kensinger, November 14th In Blog

While both Alpha and Beta testing are integral to the product development and release cycle, it can be easy to confuse their unique roles…. Read more

Meet test IO at Web Summit in Lisbon!

Powen Shiah Powen Shiah, November 5th In Blog

This year, three of test IO’s top software quality analysts will be sharing about crowdtesting and building better software at Web Summit from November 5-8th, 2018. Meet Alex Trapp, Magdalena Nikolaus, and Manh Nguyen this week in Lisbon…. Read more

Bug fix confirmation verifies software issues are patched, in real time

Powen Shiah Powen Shiah, November 1st In Blog

We’re really excited to introduce a new product for test IO customers, bug fix confirmation. It leverages professional software testers — the ones who find the bugs in your websites and mobile apps — to verify bug fixes on real… Read more

Choosing the right kind of test for your software

Powen Shiah Powen Shiah, October 26th In Blog

test IO offers several types of functional tests, as well as usability testing, all carried out by carefully selected and trained professional testers. These tests are designed to get teams building software the right kinds of eyes on your product,… Read more

Meet the software tester who won test IO’s World Cup game

Powen Shiah Powen Shiah, October 15th In Blog

Earlier this summer, we ran a game for World Cup enthusiasts to see who could predict the outcome of the men’s world cup matches. Now, we can finally announce the lucky winner of the grand prize: an Apple Watch!… Read more

Join test IO’s 2018 World Cup Game

Powen Shiah Powen Shiah, June 18th In Blog

It’s time for our celebration of the world’s second most popular sport (after testing, of course)… Read more