Bug types on test IO’s crowdtesting platform

Powen Shiah Powen Shiah, August 10th In Blog

At test IO, we classify bugs into four types when running exploratory tests on websites and apps. Previously, we asked testers to report issues as functional bugs or usability suggestions. We’re now rolling out two more categories — visual bugs… Read more

Get Better Results with Expanded Test Descriptions

Powen Shiah Powen Shiah, July 6th In Blog

In our extensive experience over tens of thousands of test cycles, we’ve seen what kinds of test descriptions lead to higher-quality and more targeted results. By giving more detailed instructions and context about your software, you get more control over… Read more

Behold Our New JIRA Plugin – QA Service for JIRA

Alexander Niemeier, June 2nd In Blog

JIRA fans, we’ve got great news! We’re now in the Atlassian Marketplace with a cool new plugin, which we call QA Service for JIRA. It is simple, yet powerful. Plug and play. The plugin synchronizes all of your bugs, comments,… Read more

Software QA Testing for Marketers: Check Your Conversion Rates!

Phil Philip Soffer, April 11th In Blog

When you’re a marketer, you dream of funnels. In marketing-speak, a funnel is the Darwinian process of selection that winnows the millions of potential customers you might have to the rather smaller number that you actually get. Suppose 1,000 people… Read more

Software Testing: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Phil Philip Soffer, March 22nd In Blog

In crowdtesting, value comes from understanding what customers want each time they run a test, matching those requirements to the right set of testers, and displaying the results in a useful way…. Read more

Testing in Production: From Punchline to Process

Phil Philip Soffer, November 30th In Blog

Thanks to the DevOps revolution of the last few years and continuous delivery practices, testing in production may not be as reckless as it sounds. If you’ve got high levels of test coverage, a strong ethos of developer testing and… Read more

test IO Welcomes Four New Team Members

Sean Witry, November 29th In Blog

The year may be coming to a close, but that does not mean things are slowing down at test IO. The test IO team has recently added four new employees and continued its expansion into the US. Get to know… Read more

New Feature Released: Bug Reports Revamped

Sean Witry, November 7th In Blog

Reviewing bugs might not be the most pleasant experience but is crucial to guaranteeing that your platform is ready for production. We at test IO do our best to make sure this process is as stress-free and easy as possible… Read more

Intern Insights: Zaneta Szczypior, Marketing Intern

Zaneta Szczypior Zaneta Szczypior, September 22nd In Blog

Six weeks at a company is not a long time, but being an intern at test IO is definitely an opportunity to discover your strengths (and weaknesses), all the while getting immersed in the awesome startup culture…. Read more

Engaging the Crowd: Anjo Gaul on Managing Testers

Sean Witry, September 20th In Blog

Having studied at Games Academy in Berlin and previously worked as a Community Representative for EA Games, Anjo Gaul has joined the test IO Team to manage our global testing community. He’s focused on providing new growth and educational opportunities… Read more