Disappearing VAT ID bug and undefined prices

Aqueelah Aqueelah , November 17th In Blog

For an interview early in my career, I created a website showcasing my javascript scrolling marquee skills. Don’t laugh at me. I know now, that it wasn’t the best way to showcase my talents. Even today, Javascript is used to… Read more

Subdomain provisioning bug during premium account creation

Aqueelah Aqueelah , November 10th In Blog

This is the decade of “do it yourself”. With the rise of entrepreneurship and emerging technology everyone wants to create their own website, or expand on it. Expanding on your online presence can include creating a subdomain or getting the… Read more

Meet test IO’s Alex Trapp at Web Summit in Lisbon this week

Powen Shiah Powen Shiah, November 8th In Blog

Web Summit is one of the largest tech conferences in the world with over 70,000 attendees. If you’re in Lisbon for it, you can meet test IO there too! We’ve sent Alex Trapp from test IO’s Berlin office to represent… Read more

Confirm password bugs and the conversion rates that hate them

Aqueelah Aqueelah , November 3rd In Blog

How many times have you registered or signed up on a site with your mobile device? Your big fingers clumsily typing away as you switch your keyboard from text to special characters. Wait, let’s not forget that you also need… Read more

Product sorting bug and data algorithms, a love story

Aqueelah Aqueelah , October 27th In Blog

Dear Computer Science majors, everything you learned in data structures class was for online shopping. Nowadays it’s pretty clear what arrays and sorting can be used for. Data algorithms have taken the Internet by storm for quite sometime now. However,… Read more

Tester Referral Program

Powen Shiah Powen Shiah, October 25th In Blog

We’re always on the lookout for new people who are excited about improving software, quality assurance, and professional testing to become part of our crowdtesting team. You’ve always been able to tell friends about what it’s like to be a… Read more

Credit card bug testing and the abandoned shopping cart

Aqueelah Aqueelah , October 20th In Blog

Online shopping is a way of life for most of us. We shop while in bed, in the car, at work, and even under the influence. That’s right, you read that correctly. Consumers are drunk shopping. According to BigCommerce, one… Read more

The Equifax Hack and Software Testing: A Cautionary Tale

Phil Philip Soffer, September 18th In Blog

We don’t know all the facts about the Equifax hack, but it now seems that it came as a result of a vulnerability in the Apache Struts 2 framework that they used to build their web apps, and that a… Read more

Automate User Acceptance Testing for JIRA Epics and Stories

Powen Shiah Powen Shiah, September 14th In Blog

As we announced earlier this week, we’re dramatically speeding up development teams that rely on JIRA. test IO’s QA Service for JIRA plug-in connects JIRA Software users directly to our crowd of QA professionals worldwide…. Read more

Segmenting and Inviting Testers

Powen Shiah Powen Shiah, August 30th In Blog

When you set up a test, whether it’s a rapid test, focused test, or another kind of test, you usually set up the test with your test descriptions, app sections, and other details, then click start. But what happens then?… Read more