Crowdsourced Testing and Your QA Team

We talk a lot to QA managers about crowdtesting. We talk to some of them (our customers) who’ve embraced it, and others (sales prospects, people in the street) who may be new to the whole thing. I sometimes wish we could get those groups together to share notes. Since this is our [...]

Crowdsourced Testing Tips and Tricks With Matt James

An Interview with Matt James, Implementation Manager and Head of North American Operations Originally from the United Kingdom, Matt James  has been working with test IO for a year, bringing his expertise as we expand into the US and Canada. In addition to working with our North A [...]

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You Have No Friends in Silicon Valley

Do you watch Silicon Valley? In the last episode, Richard Hendricks was about to release the latest version of Pied Piper. He asked his friends to have a look at the Beta and give him feedback. Richard, if you are reading this, don’t release yet! Heed my advice! Don’t get me wron [...]

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Exploratory Testing Tip: Find your target audience

If you know who your target customers are, make sure to bring this valuable information into your software testing plan! We've already made this point in a crowdtesting tip (Know Your Users), but it bears repeating in the exploratory testing context. Because exploratory testing r [...]

Interview with our new CEO

The office just got a little louder. We're excited to announce that we have a new CEO: Philip Soffer. Phil is an 18-year Silicon Valley vet who's been a first-20 employee at successful start-ups including Plumtree, Lithium, and Piazza, managing product, marketing, and engineering [...]

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Exploratory Testing Tip: Use the wisdom of the crowd

Exploratory testing unleashes the full potential of each and every tester. It trusts them to determine what features, functions, and paths need testing, and to review and document the results on the spot. But how to you get the most out of exploratory testing? How do you get enou [...]

Characteristics of Great Exploratory Testers

As we go through our exploratory testing tips, it’s worth it to consider what makes certain people great exploratory testers, and what we look for in our testers.  Here are some key characteristics that good exploratory testers share. […]

Exploratory Testing Tip: Out of the lab, into the real world

Exploratory testing has one main goal: breaking testers free from tests scripts and step-by-step action lists, and letting them examine, experiment, and explore software. Here's our tip for today: Take exploration one step further: Get your testers and your software out of the bu [...]

Best Practices in Managing Crowdtesters

After several years working on crowdtesting and software quality assurance, we've learned from many different scenarios and customers. Over time, we've identified several methods that work particularly well to manage and motivate international and diverse crowdtesters. Encourage  [...]

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5 Ways To Increase Customer Trust on Your Website

Every time users visit your website, you get the chance to create a long-term relationship with them. One fundamental component of any relationship that underscores this bond is trust. […]

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