Success with Crowdtesting: L’TUR and test IO

You’re sitting at the office making plans for the long weekend. Craving some beach time, you decide on a trip. You search the web for a last-minute deal. Already imagining your feet in the sand and the cool sea breeze, you’re ready to book it. Then the site freezes. You’re frustr [...]

Bugs People Find, Part 2: Mobile Keyboards

Welcome to Part 2 of our occasional series on weird software bugs that people find even when automated tests don’t. Mobile keyboards are tricky. You can simulate mobile keyboard clicks using automation frameworks, but depending on how you do it, you can simulate these clicks even [...]

When Testing Discovers the Spec

There’s a nice post from yesterday by Michael Feathers (author of the classic Working Effectively with Legacy Code) about characterization testing - the process of writing code that characterizes the actual behavior of that code. He makes the important point that, “When a system [...]

The Future of Crowdsourced Testing and Why Berlin is a Great Startup Hub – More from Test IO CEO Philip Soffer

Why do you think every company isn’t doing crowdsourced testing already? One reason is that I think people do have this perception that it’s a lot of people with no skills, clicking through predefined test plans with no skill or human insight -- basically automation with people, [...]

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Automated Tests and Human QA: A Love Story

People sometimes ask us, “What kind of bugs do your testers find even when there’s a lot of test automation already?” Today we inaugurate an occasional series that highlights interesting bugs (and types of bugs) that our testers find. Don’t worry, customers, we won’t share your d [...]

Crowdsourced Testing: How to Succeed, Insights from Martin Reinbach

Martin Reinbach has been with test IO for over two years and works with our customers in the DACH region. He’s worked with dozens of customers, sharing his expertise on crowdsourced testing, agile development, and software projects generally. I asked Martin to give new customers [...]

Crowdsourced Testing and Your QA Team

We talk a lot to QA managers about crowdtesting. We talk to some of them (our customers) who’ve embraced it, and others (sales prospects, people in the street) who may be new to the whole thing. I sometimes wish we could get those groups together to share notes. Since this is our [...]

Crowdsourced Testing Tips and Tricks With Matt James

An Interview with Matt James, Implementation Manager and Head of North American Operations Originally from the United Kingdom, Matt James  has been working with test IO for a year, bringing his expertise as we expand into the US and Canada. In addition to working with our North A [...]

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You Have No Friends in Silicon Valley

Do you watch Silicon Valley? In the last episode, Richard Hendricks was about to release the latest version of Pied Piper. He asked his friends to have a look at the Beta and give him feedback. Richard, if you are reading this, don’t release yet! Heed my advice! Don’t get me wron [...]

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Exploratory Testing Tip: Find your target audience

If you know who your target customers are, make sure to bring this valuable information into your software testing plan! We've already made this point in a crowdtesting tip (Know Your Users), but it bears repeating in the exploratory testing context. Because exploratory testing r [...]