Upcoming Webinar: How crowdtesting cut You.i TV’s testing burden by 80%

Powen Shiah Powen Shiah, March 26th In Blog

test IO has an upcoming webinar on Tuesday, March 27th, 2018 at 1pm U.S. EDT / 10am PDT / 7pm CEST with You.i TV, a leading video experience platform whose clients include NBA, Fox, and National Geographic. In this live webinar,… Read more

Product search bug: setting the value property of the search field

Aqueelah Aqueelah , March 26th In Blog

Depending on whom you talk to, issues with product search could be critical, high priority, or low priority. If you search for a product by its exact name and can’t find it, that could be a high-priority bug. If the… Read more

App crash during video playback while changing device orientation

Aqueelah Aqueelah , March 10th In Blog

With the growth of IoT (Internet of Things) and handheld devices, device orientation is very important to users. Whether a user is watching a movie or taking a photo they would like an adaptable product that shifts to their needs… Read more

Shopping cart, minus and plus buttons, and the event.preventDefault() bug

Aqueelah Aqueelah , March 1st In Blog

An interesting fact about + and – buttons in shopping carts: putting the minus button on the left and the plus button on the right is not a requirement. When it comes to user interaction, it’s more important to be… Read more

A new way to choose when to run your tests

Powen Shiah Powen Shiah, February 26th In Blog

On the test IO platform, you can run different kinds of crowdtests as often as you need to. One of our most-appreciated options is the ability to run tests overnight or on the weekend, so you come into the office… Read more

Ecommerce, shopping carts, and the Java classes and events implementation bug

Aqueelah Aqueelah , February 22nd In Blog

Fun fact about the phrase shopping cart: it’s an American English term. In the United Kingdom, the thing you push around in a grocery store is a trolley. The smaller version you carry around is called a basket in both… Read more

Solving auto-tab bugs with focus commands and valid input types

Aqueelah Aqueelah , February 14th In Blog

Whether it’s a web or native user interface, automatic tabbing has been the best invention since cooked food. Users can fill out an online form on desktop or phone, with the form guiding them conveniently through by automatically advancing to… Read more

Logout button app crash with IBOutlet and IBAction in Swift

Aqueelah Aqueelah , February 8th In Blog

In the article Buttons in UI Design: The Evolution of Style and Best Practices, UX Planet takes us through a journey in time, from three-dimensional drop shadow buttons to skeuomorphic buttons that looked like real-life objects. There are many different… Read more

What makes mobile testing difficult?

Powen Shiah Powen Shiah, January 24th In Blog

Mobile applications offer great opportunities to many companies and industries. Creating quality mobile applications and testing them thoroughly, however, involves certain challenges for even the most robust so ware development organizations. Based on Capgemini’s World Quality Report we analyzed the… Read more

test IO’s recap of 2017: tests, testers, and feature updates

Powen Shiah Powen Shiah, January 22nd In Blog

We took a few moments to look back at 2017. To discover last year’s highlights, check out the recap — all the tests we ran, the bugs we found, and how our QA platform evolved over the course of the… Read more