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Functional Testing

Only 16 percent of users will give a frustrating app more than two tries. Make sure your mobile and web apps work properly with functional testing by real people on real devices.

What is Functional Testing?

Functional testing ensures that your software works as designed from the user’s perspective. When your team adds new features or changes the way your app works, you’re not done until functional testing verifies that the software meets its requirements.

Functional Testing with test IO

With test IO, you can combine the execution of functional test cases with exploratory testing by savvy QA professionals who test hundreds of other apps. Our thousands of functional testers know where bugs live, and since they test with real devices under real conditions, they’ll discover functional issues your engineers weren’t anticipating — but your users would see. With test IO you can specify the devices, browsers, and operating systems that need the most functional testing, so you can ship with confidence every time.

Not Sure if You are Ready for Functional Testing with test IO?

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