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IoT Testing

Today’s connected devices and the apps that run them pose daunting interoperability challenges for consumers and companies alike. Make sure “it just works” isn’t just a slogan with IoT testing in real-world conditions.

What is IoT Testing?

More connected devices means more potential for problems, and your customers will blame you for a frustrating user experience whether it’s your fault or not. It’s impossible to test the combination of devices, phones, and apps effectively in your lab, but coordinating real-world IoT testing saps time and effort that you need for improving your product. The result is often an unfortunate choice: be late to market, or ship a product that might not stand up to real-world challenges.

IoT Testing with test IO

With test IO, professionals around the world perform IoT testing under real-life conditions — connecting devices to their TV’s, cameras, and home wiring, using them on congested home networks, and controlling them with apps running on a range of phones. We recruit testers with the right equipment and environment, then coordinate with you to test the right combination of hardware and software. Skilled IoT testers can perform complex software updates on pre-release devices while also providing you usability feedback based on their experience with comparable products, so you can ship to paying customers with confidence.

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