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Mobile Testing

If your mobile testing isn’t up to par, you’ll pay for it in poor app store ratings, fewer downloads, and lots of app deletions. Why risk it? Ensure that your customers have a great experience on any iOS or Android phone by testing on real devices every time you release.

What is Mobile Testing?

Customers expect your app to run flawlessly on their phones, regardless of operating system, screen size, permissions, even signal strength on the train . Sure, you can do mobile testing with an emulator, but an emulator is a lab — and mobile phones live in gritty reality. Plus, if you have a serious bug, the app store submission process makes it slower and costlier to fix than the same problem would be on the web. Bottom line: mobile development demands a mobile testing strategy.

Mobile Testing with test IO

With test IO, professionals test your iOS and Android apps on the devices and operating systems of your choice, in real-world scenarios. We identify testers with the right configurations and manage the hassle of distributing your binaries to them, making mobile testing as fast as web testing. We’ll even reproduce bugs on multiple devices, so our mobile testers will tell you whether you’re looking at an edge case or something that could tank your app store rating. And you’ll get a preview of that rating, reducing the risk of distributing through the app store.

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