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Regression Testing

Every change to your code means a risk to your customer experience. Reduce those risks with human-powered regression testing that is fast and accurate.

What is Regression Testing?

Regression Testing finds bugs you may have introduced unintentionally by changing the software. When adding features, refactoring, or fixing other bugs, it’s crucial to make sure you haven’t broken anything — or uncovered problems that were previously hidden.

Regression Testing with test IO

With test IO, you can combine the execution of predefined regression test cases with a broad-spectrum sweep for newly uncovered bugs, increasing your confidence every time you ship. Crowdtesting is a great regression testing solution when your code is changing too fast to automate all of your test cases. With test IO, creating test cases is as easy as uploading a spreadsheet, and our testers execute your tests faster than any in-house QA team.

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