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Test Case Execution

Test cases give you the ground truth about whether a specific function works. Test IO enables your team to focus on core engineering and automation efforts – while ensuring manual test cases are executed with precision alongside every release.

What is a Test Case?

A test case is an ordered set of instructions, with an expected outcome for each step. QA testers follow these instructions, and if any given step does not yield the expected outcome, the whole test case is deemed a “fail”.

Functional test cases are used by engineering teams to form regression test suites, which are executed before each release. Most development teams automate their test cases using testing frameworks such as Selenium, reducing the need for manual test case execution.

Why use Crowdtesting for Test Case Execution?

Your engineering team’s time is valuable, particularly when you’re shipping on a deadline. So if you have test cases in your regression suite that you haven’t automated, you can let your team focus on coding, fixing bugs, or automated test cases while crowdtesters take care of the manual work.

Most engineering teams seeking to become more agile invest in functional test automation. You can get there faster if your team isn’t spending time on manual tests.

Executing Test Cases On-Demand in your Existing Workflow

Test IO’s professional testers execute your test cases when you need them, with almost no change to your existing workflows or toolsets. Test IO has integrations with all major bug trackers (Jira, Pivotal, Trello + more), test case management systems (Testrail, Xray, Zephyr + more), as well as CI/CD systems (Jenkins, CircleCI, Travis, Github + more).

Your test cases continue to live in your test case management tool such as TestRail or Xray for Jira. When it’s time to execute your test cases, they’re automatically imported into the test IO platform where the testers take them up, execute them, and return pass-fail results and well-documented bugs as needed. Test and bug reports come back to your test case and bug tracking systems, so there’s no need to change your processes. You can trigger test case executions from your continuous integration system as well.

Cost-Effective, Fast, & Security Conscious

We will work with you to make test case execution simple and cost effective. You can buy credits or execution capacity and pay only for what you use.

If your tests don’t depend upon one another, test IO’s testers may be much faster than your team, because the crowd can execute tests in parallel. Our crowd can also execute your tests on real devices, if needed, providing an extra level of confidence and security. We have expert testers who can manipulate multiple systems, if needed, to perform tests that require an administrative interface or command-line access.

Many test cases are best executed by a consumer like tester – which is what our standard test IO crowd brings. However, for test scenarios that require a high level of security, we can even provide a secure crowd of employee testers to execute strict test cases (even under individual NDA).

Working Alongside Automation

If you’re working on increasing automation coverage, we can take the time drain of manual test case execution off the plate and allow your team to focus. As manual test case executions draw down over time, your reduced consumption of testing hours reduces cost with flexibility unmatched by that of an internal team.

We have a team of world-class automation engineers, too, if you need a hand getting your automation to where you want to go.

Whether you are a startup or a Fortune 500 company, shipping high quality software is rooted in knowing a product works as designed. While most teams will focus on test automation as they mature, there will always be some level of baseline test case execution that will take place – and test IO can help take care of that no matter what stage you are at.

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