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Usability Testing

The difference between a five-star app and a flop may be feeling, not functionality. Get continuous feedback with usability testing by real people under real world conditions.

What is Usability Testing?

Usability testing reveals whether users feel comfortable and competent with your app. Whether you’re implementing prototypes for a new feature, changes to an existing interface, or even subtle wording changes, make sure it works for your audience.

Usability Testing with test IO

Usability testing doesn’t have to mean an expensive, time-consuming study that you do once and forget about. With test IO, usability testing is simple and lightweight enough to perform continuously — like hallway testing for quick and actionable feedback on prototypes, new features, language, and workflow changes. Because our testers use real devices in the real world, you’ll know how variables like network latency and screen size affect the usability of your app — before you ship.

Not Sure if You are Ready for Usability Testing with test IO?

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