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Wearables Testing

There’s no device more personal than a wearable. An object that’s literally attached to its user needs to function like an extension of the body, making wearables testing an important new frontier for organizations that demand a great user experience.

What is Wearables Testing?

Wearables pack a lot of function into a tiny space, creating new challenges for testing. Whether you’re developing new hardware or an app that runs on the smallest screen, usability, battery life, and connectivity are constant concerns in wearables testing. And it’s impossible to know from lab tests how devices and apps will work when “wear and tear” takes on new meaning in the real world.

Wearables Testing with test IO

With test IO, professionals around the world perform wearables testing under real-life conditions — wearing devices and using your apps at home, while they’re exercising, and in situations where connectivity isn’t a given. We identify testers with the right profile and devices, then coordinate with you to test the right combination of hardware and software. Wearables testing can include functional and usability testing, so you can ship to your users with confidence.

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