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2018: A Big Year For test IO

John Kensinger

We launched an entirely new product, Bug Fix Confirmation, a novel new addition to test IO's arsenal of testing tools as well as to the world of QA. We also added numerous features and updates to our existing product, including a streamlined Navigation as well as Slack Integration.

Our team had the chance to experience two incredible off-sites, visiting Budapest and Lake Tahoe, while our holiday parties were unforgettable; well, almost. Our US office increased in size by 300%, necessitating we move to a larger space; while, our Berlin office became more cosmopolitan, with its members now representing Germany, China, Turkey, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Ukraine, Russia, and the UK.

Without further ado, here is a quick run through of some our most exciting accomplishments of 2018.

New Product

Bug Fix Confirmation

Bug Fix Confirmation uses professional software testers — the ones who find the bugs on your websites and mobile apps— to verify bug fixes on real devices without distracting your development team.

Bug-fix verification can happen at any time, so thereʼs no need to wait for a new test cycle; in fact, you’ll receive confirmation in an average of 60 minutes.

This means your software engineers will receive real-world feedback in time to make your release.

Product Updates

Streamlined Navigation

With our streamlined navigation, you can focus on one product at a time. You’re now able to view and compare all product features from a clean dropdown menu, simplifying your user flow.

Integrations Home Page

Now there’s one place to manage all of your integrations and see new integrations as they become available.

Access to all of your product integrations in one location minimizes time spent navigating between product connection settings. This change gives credence to test IO’s belief that crowdtests should be simple, scalable, and flexible.

Quick Search

By popular demand, a new quick-search function delivers results in-place and makes it easy to find just the bug you’re looking for.

Slack Integration

You can now integrate the test IO platform with Slack, so you will be notified within Slack when a test ends. The notification contains a summary of bugs found and their severities as well as a direct link to the test cycle within the test IO platform.

Additional Improvements

Feature Management

You can now manage product features from the main product navigation. This simplifies the way you organize functional areas of your applications and communicate expected behavior to our testers.

Global Known Bug List

You can access a Global Known Bug List containing all known bugs for a given product via the main navigation. Nobody likes duplicates, so the new list ensures you only receive bugs not already known internally to you and your team.

Favorite Testers

Is there a particular tester who delivers great reports? With Favorite Testers, you can encourage your most successful testers to join all of your tests, provided they have a matching device.

Looking forward to 2019...

and all that we have left to accomplish in the new year!



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