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Tester Referral Program

Powen Shiah

What makes a good tester?

Do you know someone who would make a great tester? We know our testers know from their own experience what qualities make a great tester. Curiosity, persistence, interest in technology, flexibility, and patience are just a few of the traits that can make you a top software tester. If you see these in a friend or acquaintance, invite them to join the test IO crowdtesting team.

How do referrals work?

If you want to refer someone, log into your testing account here. Click on the new envelope icon in the navigation bar on the upper right. Your personalized invitation link is there. Copy this link and send it to your friend who you think would make a great software tester.

When you refer someone with your link, they're prompted to sign-up as a tester. Then, they'll go through the regular onboarding process, get approved, and start receiving invitations to test cycles. When your referral has had five bugs accepted, you'll receive your bonus.

Why become a tester?

There are as many reasons to become a tester as there are people doing it. What we hear from our testers generally falls into three categories: flexible work, professional experience, and earning money with technology.

As a tester, you have the flexibility to choose when and where you work. You choose which test cycles you participate in. If you have time tonight, you can accept the testing invitation. If you've got other plans, you don't have to. You can test from wherever you are. If you like working at a cafe, go for it! If you want to test at home from your couch, that's fine with us too.

Many of our testers love the chance to stretch their QA muscles in new ways. Only do testing automation in your day job? Then this is a chance to gain more experience in manual, exploratory testing. You'll get the chance to see many kinds of software, websites, and mobile applications and hone your testing skills.

Finally, testing is a great way to earn money doing something interesting: working with technology. If you enjoy seeing new apps or other pre-release software, this is a great way to check out new technologies and be part of making them better. Your payments are tied directly to your work: bugs found and reported.

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