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What We Learned About Our Crowdtesting Community

John Kensinger

Our community of testers is at the heart of what makes test IO special. These exceptional individuals comprise of trained QA professionals who sniff out hundreds of bugs each day and hail from all over the world.

We wanted to know more about our testing team and what brings them to test IO, so we launched a survey to better understand our community. Our survey was sent to newly registered testers and almost immediately received over 200 responses. In this sample, 45 different languages and 52 countries were represented. Our top three countries were the United States, India, and Vietnam. Impressively, our sample was highly educated: 46% have a bachelors degree and 18% have a masters degree.

Additionally, our testers bring with them a host of prior experiences. Some are university students who wanted to apply knowledge gained in computer science and engineering coursework, while others are professional developers, web designers, and QA specialists who enjoy testing during their free time.

When we asked our testers what motivated them to enroll with test IO, six themes emerged.

First, testers view our platform as an opportunity to enhance their knowledge by applying technical training in real-world environments.

Second, individuals see testing as a chance to gain work experience in the software industry.

Third, since test IO pays our testers for every bug they uncover, many testers use test IO as an additional stream of income.

Fourth, in addition to paying testers, test IO offers remarkable work flexibility. Since we have tests running around the clock, individuals can choose their own hours, test remotely using mobile devices, and work from anywhere in the world.

Fifth, test IO is seen as a pathway to full-time employment. Testers echoed the valuable lessons and practical experience they gained by participating. These are skills that can be leveraged to earn full-time QA positions.

Finally, a touching spirit of altruism emerged: a surprising number of testers indicated wanting to help businesses enhance their site experiences and identify issues. Testing is a way to be involved in the dynamic development process, wherein individual opinions are taken into account and are valued by our customers.

Ultimately, our findings emphasize the fact that the internet has always been predicated on a spirit of collaboration: web platforms are made rich by diverse opinions that come together to innovate. test IO believes in harnessing the power of individuals around the world who are passionate about software and eager to participate in our testing community. We are honored to have so many wonderful individuals as part of our team and will do our best to help them reach their goals along the way.

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