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Beta Testing Services

The Benefits of a Beta Testing Service with Crowdtesters

Beta testing services help your product development team answer the two most significant questions at the end of the development process: Does this new product meet users’ expectations and should we ship it? As such, beta testing is often referred to as user acceptance testing. With modern, agile beta testing services from test IO, you can test your product or specific features to detect and eliminate issues before you release it to real users, not only improving your chances of launching a successful software or feature but also increasing retention. 

Users today have high standards and little patience, so the painful truth is if your product doesn’t meet their needs quickly and conveniently, they will move on. This is why beta testing done correctly can not only help you launch your product faster, it can also make a difference as to how users accept it.

test IO’s modern, high quality beta testing service harnesses the power of crowdtesters, who can give you insightful, immediate feedback on how real-world users are interacting with your product. test IO can quickly convene a group of professional beta testers from all over the world who have experience with pre-release software and can be trusted to be honest and discreet with their findings. As an added bonus, test IO’s professional crowdtesters are also chosen based on characteristics that resemble your target audience, making their user experience feedback particularly relevant and meaningful.

The test IO Difference

After you set test parameters to meet your needs, test IO’s crowdtesters use our agile testing platform to:
  • Log bugs and point out missing functionality
  • Provide you with graphic evidence, such as screen recordings to show you exactly what they discovered
  • Identify interface glitches and absent error conditions
  • Answer any follow-up questions or concerns you have in a timely manner
Unless your enterprise is the size of Google or Facebook, chances are you don’t have the time or monetary resources to convene a large group of testers on your own and then sift through their feedback to determine what’s useful and what’s noise. And while you could use in-house testers, you run the risk of not detecting issues because of their cognitive biases, familiarity with how the product should work, and their potential desire to say what you want to hear in order to please you. 

Professional crowdtesting services, such as test IO, help level the playing field by doing the heavy-lifting for you -- so you can keep your focus on more important things -- and the testers aren’t drinking your corporate Kool-Aid, so they’re free from bias and the need to please. Whether you are launching a whole product or new feature(s), test IO’s beta testers can help you improve your product and affirm everything from quality to security to functionality to usability under real-world conditions on a vast array of devices and platforms.

Ready to take a closer look at the agile, easy-to-use test IO testing platform and see all of the benefits of using test IO’s beta testing service? Take part in a demo now to see how our crowdtesters can increase your odds of successfully shipping your product.


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