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Black Box Testing Services

Launch Successfully with test IO's Black Box Testing Services

Black box testing is a testing technique that enlists independent testers to explore your software, website, or mobile application without having prior knowledge of the internal structure of the software. Usually the client of a black box testing service provides the testers with a brief outline what the software is supposed to do, so they have a road map of where they are supposed to go without being told exactly how to get from A to B to C. 

Black box testing that focuses on functionality can help unearth bugs, issues, and errors that might otherwise go undetected. When black box testing is performed early on in the software development process, it can save time and money in the later design stages. In this case, performing ongoing functional testing can help maintain quality assurance pre-release.

test IO can perform black box testing on your mobile application, software, or website. A designated test IO customer success manager can help you clarify your testing objectives, guide you in implementing a testing strategy, and help manage your testing cycles and feedback process. Using the test IO testing platform, you can easily initiate tests on-demand and get feedback within hours. You can even seamlessly integrate black box testing cycles and bug fix confirmation into your software development workflow. test IO has all the testing tools to launch with confidence.

But more than just providing an agile testing platform with testing tools, test IO can help you test your product at an unprecedented level with crowdtesters. Crowdtesting is a human-driven testing technique that harnesses the power of the crowd to perform in-depth testing on your mobile application, website, and SaaS products. test IO employs thousands of testers from all over the globe who are unbiased and highly motivated to find bugs and issues. 

Crowdtesting is such an invaluable testing service because our testers are real people with real devices -- under real-world conditions -- who will interact with your product in unpredictable ways, just like real users. test IO's testers are experienced and professional and can provide meaningful feedback to your development and quality assurance teams.

The benefits of using test IO's testing services include:

  • Obtaining comprehensive device and platform coverage
  • Identifying glitches and bugs that could ruin the user experience
  • Running on-going test cycle initiations as your release new features and iterations
  • Using testers who mirror your intended audience and often have backgrounds in software development
Black box testing with crowdtesters is a critically important testing technique that can help you release with confidence and reduce the probability of users abandoning your mobile application, website, or software because it fails to meet their expectations. Thorough software testing can help protect your brand image and maintain good relationships with your clients as well as keep your profits on track. test IO can meet all your testing needs: Our crowdtesters can perform not only black box testing but also regression testing, usability testing, and more.

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