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Rest Easy: Use Cloud-Based Test Management Tools

When it comes to using a new software — whether it’s a mobile app, website, or SaaS product — users have little to no patience for complicated, buggy experiences. You want to ship a product that is modern, agile, and as close to bug-free as possible. Performing software testing before you launch can help you meet users’ high expectations and standards. That’s why you need cloud-based test management tools that are as high-quality and easy-to-use as the software you are designing.

test IO is a cloud-based test management platform that easily integrates with your software.

It’s a secure way to perform software testing to work out bugs and glitches before you release to the general public. The test IO platform and testing tools allow you to run test cycles on an on-demand basis and view your test results in the cloud in real-time. With test IO you can create:

Exploratory Tests — These tests allow testers to creatively investigate a website or app thoroughly without a script
Beta Tests — Also known as User Acceptance Testing, they answer the question: Does this software meet users’ expectations
Cross-Browser Test — Testers can see how your software performs in mobile browsers and desktops browsers
Mobile Tests — Mobile apps require many considerations, from the mobile device being used to what operating system it has to device settings. See how your app performs across the board

All of these tests and more can be performed by test IO’s professional crowdtesters. test IO employs highly qualified testers all over the globe with a wide variety of educations and backgrounds. This enables us to select testers who are similar to your intended audience. Like real-world users, our crowdtesters use many different devices, not just common devices, so you can see how your product performs under a variety of conditions.

It’s quality assurance testing on an unprecedented scale.

When you utilize this test management tool, you can trust that our testers have been pre-screened. They come to you with skills for:

Communicating meaningful findings and not just reporting noise
Observing aberrations and documenting them with visual evidence when possible
Exploring your software with fresh eyes without biases

test IO’s agile cloud-based test management tools simplify the process of conducting manual testing and automated testing on your software time and again. It’s software testing made simple and seamless. Your development team and QA team can rest easy knowing they are releasing a mobile app, SaaS, website, or update that will meet the expectations users have.

Learn more about all of test IO’s cloud-based test management tools and testing process today.


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