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Crowdsourced Testing Services

The Benefits of Using test IO's Crowdsourced Testing Services

Crowdsourced testing or crowdtesting is an approach to testing that essentially harnesses the power of the crowd. This testing technique employs real users with real devices to perform any number of testing services under real-world conditions. Consequently, not only does crowdsourced testing help detect bugs and issues, this type of testing service can also provide you with invaluable feedback on user experience -- something traditional automated testing or Mechanical Turk testing cannot provide.

Skilled QA team members are a precious resource. With a crowdsourced testing service behind them managing and running tests, you can maximize that resource because they can increase collaboration and communication with your software developers and project managers, making products more testable and improving your time-to-market. Rather than spending time filling out test case templates, your QA team can assist in developing automated tests and frameworks, debugging, and analysis. 

test IO offers not only crowdsourced testing services, our high quality, agile testing platform and dedicated Customer Success Managers can help you create a test plan and implement test cycles for a broad range of test types.

test IO's crowdtesters can perform:

  • Beta testing
  • Black box testing
  • Regression testing
  • Usability testing
  • Functional testing
  • Exploratory testing
Our crowdtesters use their broad range of devices and are motivated to find bugs and usability problems no matter the testing approach you want them to take. They can test mobile applications, web applications, websites, and even perform IoT testing. In the past, it was difficult to perform cross-browser testing. But today, with so many devices with varying operating systems, settings, and browsers, thoroughly testing your software in-house or with traditional methods is next to impossible. 

While you could release your product without using a crowdsourced testing service, you risk bad ratings and decreased use from users who expect your application or software to work all but seamlessly but find flaws that affect function and usability. 

With years of experience and often backgrounds in software development, test IO's expert testers can provide your QA team and developers with meaningful test results. Our crowdtesters are:
  • Flexible -- they're ready to test on-demand and can roll with the punches, even testing for bugs and issues they find under alternate conditions
  • Excellent communicators -- they can provide feedback that is more than just noise and offer visual aides in the form of screen grabs and videos to back up their findings
  • Discreet -- you don't have to worry about pre-release negative feedback circulating forums because test IO's testers maintain confidentiality
test IO's crowdtesters also come to your software without familiarity biases, so they are able to find bugs and discovers usability issues that your team might have missed. And let's face it: External feedback about user experience carries more value than internal feedback, especially when you have feedback from a large, diverse crowd. 

test IO's testing service also comes with extensive bug tracking tools. When our crowdtesters find a bug, they rate its severity so you can tackle those first. And once a bug is patched, our testers will follow up with bug fix confirmation. This process can easily be integrated to your product development workflow, too. Our goal is to keep your project on a streamlined, successful trajectory from the beginning and throughout the addition of new features and updates. 

If you lack the time and resources for necessary and comprehensive test setup and execution, test IO is the crowdsourced testing service you need. Our services are available on-demand, 24/7/365, and with thousands of testers all over the globe, we can provide you with all the testing resources you need. To learn more about all of the benefits and features of testing with test IO's crowdtesters, take part in a free demo today.


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