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Financial apps can be complicated. Whether your customers are using a calculator for an insurance plan or signing up for a loan, they’re nervous and likely to abandon. Don’t let bugs or usability issues stand in the way of your customers’ goals.

What is Financial App Testing?

When you’re working in insurance, finance, or banking, finding the right testers can be challenging. It’s not a game or a social app, so you can’t show some of your customers a pre-release version and then fix the errors they find for you. Some companies turn to their support agents to test, but they’re missing both training and the right devices.

Financial App Testing with test IO

Enter test IO. With test IO, professionals test your app and web sites using the devices and operating systems of your choice, in real-world scenarios. Firms such as Allianz and Marlette Funding rely on us to test sign-up procedures, insurance calculators, online loan applications, banking apps, and more. Whatever your needs, we identify testers with the right configurations in the right geographies and make sure they meet your requirements.


Learn More About Test IO

Our testing experts stand ready to address your most challenging QA initiatives. If you’re interested in becoming a freelance tester, click here