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Mobile Testing Services

Use a Mobile Testing Services that Provides Human Feedback

Thoroughly testing your mobile application can be a daunting undertaking because of the unique considerations of the various mobile environments. Everything from screen size to assorted operating systems and versions to device settings can impact the user experience. Millions of mobile applications will be downloaded this year but only a minority of them will succeed in the long run. If you want to launch an app that users will come back to time and again and be a part of that successful minority, then it’s crucial to find a mobile testing service that works.

When it comes to choosing a mobile testing service, you need one that makes it easy to specify which mobile environments and specifications you want your app tested in. It should also be easy to initiate tests on demand, around the clock -- 24/7/365 -- and deliver high-quality feedback in a timely manner. That might seem like a tall order, but in order to launch and update with confidence, these are characteristics you should demand from a mobile testing service.

There are a variety of testing solutions available. Emulators and test automation can help detect issues, but they have their shortcomings. Emulators make it difficult to cover the breadth and depth of mobile devices in use today, and while test automation is great for functional testing, it cannot always detect the bugs that an actual human will find through manual testing. test IO offer an innovative solution that marries those testing solutions with our agile, easy-to-use testing platform and use of crowdtesters.

What is Crowdtesting & Why Do You Need It?

The best way to learn how real users will experience your mobile application is to allow real users to engage with it under real-world circumstances. test IO employs thousands of testers from around the globe who can perform functionality testing, regression testing, usability testing, and more. 

Our professional, experienced crowdtesters use a vast array of mobile devices, from Apple and Android to less popular devices to put your app through the wringer. They construct conditions that can determine how your product performs with lost connectivity, with privacy settings on, and other factors that could affect performance. Because of this, they often find bugs and user experience flaws that might otherwise go undetected by in-house testers, test automation, or emulators.

Using test IO's crowdtesters has other benefits, including:

  • Testing at an unprecedented scale with high levels of efficiency
  • Detecting bugs early in the development process
  • Viewing visual evidence of issues such as screenshots or videos
  • Accessing relevant, constructive feedback on how users similar to your target audience will respond to your mobile application
There are any number of reasons why a mobile application will fail, from freezes to crashes to heavy battery usage. Mobile testing services can help you mitigate negative ratings and reviews and increase your chances of releasing a usable, functioning application that users will return to time and time again; test IO is dedicated to helping you do just this. Every test IO client has a Customer Success Manager who can help you navigate your way through initiating and reviewing testing cycles that cater to your team’s needs.

To take a closer look at how our agile testing platform performs and the value of using crowdtesters, sign up for a free test IO demo now.


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