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As software development teams shift to agile development methodologies and are updating and changing code faster than ever, testing and quality assurance (QA) cycles have become more frequent. Automated testing services and your in-house QA team can go a long way to detecting bugs and functional issues that could negatively impact the user experience by performing in-house testing.

But... in-house QA testing is not without its short-comings and risks.

First, creating and managing an in-house QA testing lab can be expensive and time-consuming. With all the possibilities of devices, platforms, and browsers in use today, it’s really impossible to simulate all the ways users and customers will engage with your mobile application and website.

Second, in-house QA testers often perform "happy path" testing -- in other words, they use your software as expected and not in ways real users might use it -- and also have inherent biases that could affect your test data. To avoid these circumstances that could ultimately cost you, investing in professional QA testing services can be well worth the money.

QA testing with test IO is the exploratory, unscripted testing of software by real people with real devices in real-world settings. test IO can perform comprehensive test coverage of your mobile application, web application, or website. We employ thousands of testing experts from all over the world who can discover critical bugs and usability issues that could cause your software to fail. We can perform all ranges of testing solutions for you, from usability testing to functional testing. By harnessing the power of the crowd with our professional testers, we can reduce your risk of releasing software that forfeits users' trust and money.

test IO's crowdtesters have years of experience performing QA testing. They use their real devices in a variety of circumstances that can mimic how real users will interact with your website or mobile app or SaaS. test IO understands that speed is essential when it comes to maintaining agility and productivity; our crowdtesters are able to detect a majority of critical bugs within the first two hours of testing. With many software developers opting to test their product in the production stage, test IO can boost your confidence that our professional testers will find those bugs before your customers and users do.

test IO makes it easy to:

  • Automate the testing process by creating tests that are initiated whenever you reach release milestones or change code
  • Review test results in real-time within 24 hours of initiating a test and see screen captures and videos as supporting evidence of issues found
  • Tackle critical bugs first, as our crowdtesters rate each bug and provide detailed bug reports; you can also make sure bugs are fixed for good with our *bug fix confirmation* product
Across all types of software, test IO can deliver the QA testing techniques that you need to maintain a high level of production and user satisfaction. Our crowdtesters can use all the devices, operating systems, platforms, and browsers you demand to vet your software for usability problems or functional issues that could impact users and, ultimately, cost you. 

In an age of fierce competition and high expectations, a QA testing service can help you deliver in ways that in-house and automated testing solutions alone cannot. Take a closer look at test IO's modern, innovative testing services today with a free demo.


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