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Quality Assurance Services

Maintain Success with Quality Assurance Services from test IO

With increased pressure to ship faster, it's easy to see how quality can be sacrificed. But losing sight of quality assurance can be risky. Today's users expect a lot from the software they use. If your mobile app or website aren't up to par, they generally don't have the patience to wait for you to work out the kinks; they'll simply move on. 

So, how can your quality assurance team keep up with more frequent delivery schedules while keeping your users satisfied? The answer is creating testing practices that are agile and meaningful during the development lifecycle. A quality assurance testing service can facilitate those practices, so you can release a product of the highest quality time and time again.

Modern testing services work side-by-side with your software development and quality assurance teams to provide you with feedback on everything from functionality to usability. In order to really keep your eye on user experience, there is no better way to test your product than to put your software in the hands of real people with real devices in the markets you want to release. 

test IO offers an exploratory, unscripted testing solution with crowdtesters. A designated test IO customer success manager works with your quality assurance team and developers to create a test schedule using real people that helps you rapidly release software without sacrificing quality. We employ experienced testers from all over the globe who use their mobile devices and desktops to perform functional testing, usability testing, regression testing, and more. 

Using our agile testing platform, you designate testing specifications to suit your needs on-demand. With comprehensive device coverage from our testers, you can rest assured that your product will be tested under a variety of conditions. This sort of test coverage is incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to simulate with emulators or in-house. 

By performing these quality assurance services for you as often as you'd like, test IO frees up your teams to maintain sharp focus on changing code quickly without disrupting your users and risking their trust. test IO's crowdtesters can begin testing your software right away and deliver feedback within 24 hours. These experienced testers often have backgrounds in software development, but more importantly, they can be selected to mirror your targeted audience. And because they are professional testers, they embody the characteristics you would desire:
  • Provide honest feedback, not just lip-service or noise
  • Able to qualify their findings with actual screenshots and videos
  • Are experienced enough to rate the severity of the bugs they find, so you can prioritize tackling issues
  • Committed and motivated to finding bugs and usability issues to help you release an overall better product
There's no way to guarantee that you will release a perfect product every time. But to reduce the risk of your users experiencing user interface and functionality issues, creating a testing cycle with test IO can improve your chances of success. test IO can run any number of test types, can fit seamlessly into your product development workflow, and help you create testing best practices. To take a closer look at how test IO can deliver the quality assurance services you need, take part in a free test IO demo now.


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