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Regression Testing Services

Explore the Benefits of Regression Testing Services with test IO

We're currently in an age where software is constantly being updated. Unfortunately, with an increase of rapidly releasing new versions and new features, there is also an increase of new bugs being introduced that could affect the functionality of your software and overall user experience. That's why regression testing should be a major component in your quality assurance cycles. 

While you can potentially perform regression testing in-house, you run the risk of not detecting new bugs because your in-house testers won't always explore and engage with your software the way real-world users might. There's also little chance that you can simulate how your software actually works on a broad range of devices, operating systems, versions, and browsers (and locations!). Fortunately, there are now regression testing services that can do the heavy-lifting by performing regression testing for you on a wide range of devices with real users who are skilled and experienced at finding regression bugs.

When you make a change to your code, the hope is that it improves your software and improves your user's experience. But without regression testing, you are unable to confirm or deny that those software changes haven't introduced new bugs or broken something. test IO offers regression testing services that can become part of your product development cycle. 

With every iteration or new feature you introduce, you can use our agile testing platform to initiate a regression test on your software. These aren't merely automated tests; too many issues can go undetected by automated tests. Some issues can only be found by human beings. By harnessing the power of the crowd, test IO employs thousands of experienced testers from around the world to perform comprehensive software testing and provide you with the quality assurance you need.

test IO's crowdtesters don't follow a "happy path" for regression testing or any other testing service you might need, so they are able to discover issues that might otherwise go undetected. They take a holistic approach to your software and provide you with meaningful feedback and critical insights into user experience and more. 

Our powerful, cloud-based platform delivers all the testing tools you need to streamline the testing process and deliver test results to you with speed. You can even select the devices you want your product tested on, and we can also align our testers to mirror characteristics of your intended users.

test IO's crowdtesters bring all the qualities you would hope for in a tester:

  • They're strongly motivated to detect and rate bugs
  • They lack cognitive biases and view your software with fresh eyes
  • They have excellent communication skills and use words as well as screenshots and videos to convey their findings
Don’t settle for an automated testing service that doesn't provide the test coverage and feedback you need to stay ahead of the competition. test IO can deliver the testing tools and insights you need to increase your chances of success. Take part in a free demo and see how test IO's regression testing services can help improve your mobile app, website, or SaaS product today.


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