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HUM Nutrition: A Test a Day Keeps the Bugs Away

John Kensinger

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HUM Nutrition is a beauty nutrition brand offering an incredible array of nutritional solutions to help you look and feel your best.

Aekta Das is the Product Manager at HUM Nutrition. Her technology team manages HUM’s subscription-based D2C platform. Her team has been focused on scaling infrastructure, streamlining back-end processes, and improving existing subscriber experience through new and improved utility. Aekta’s team, which includes a Director of Technology and Frontend Developer, works with test IO to support their functional testing efforts.

Sneak peek at our conversation:

Before test IO

What was the problem you were having before you discovered test IO?

“When we were migrating our site from PHP to an upgraded javascript, we were missing major bugs..."


What did the frustration feel like as you dealt with QA challenges?

"It was cumbersome to the point where it was diverting our attention off of making improvements..."

Why test IO?

What was different about test IO (vis-a-vis competitors or existing processes)? 

"Once we knew that QA resources had become necessary, the question became whether we were looking to hire internally, [or] utilize crowdsourcing..."

The Switch

Take me to the moment when you realized test IO was working to solve your QA issues.

"Catching these [bugs] beforehand helped us mitigate potential risk to our customer experience and revenue.”

Life Today

Tell me what life looks like now that you’re using test IO.

"We are able to test more extensively in a shorter period of time than we could have done ourselves..."

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