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What's the ROI on Crowdtesting?

Michael Ebako-Hodgson

Growing customer expectations, a more competitive online landscape, and accelerated development cycles mean that QA remains a significant challenge for even the most mature organizations. Despite innovations in test-automation technology, manual testing—for both functional and usability issues—remains a critical task for any digital product.

Crowdtesting helps teams of all sizes meet these challenges economically and flexibly. How? Testing with the crowd...

Frees Up Internal Resources

Agile practices often mean that developers, product managers, and even upper-level leadership must often take on roles far outside their official purview. Unfortunately, this usually means time better spent elsewhere is taken up scrambling to triage and address urgent, but not always necessary, issues.

Skilled developer time is too expensive to rely on for regular manual testing. At the same time, full-time QA hires can be difficult to justify given unpredictable releases cycles and inconsistent testing needs (especially for small-medium organizations). Conversely, test IO's community of trained testers is available on-demand at a fixed rate, allowing engineering teams to scale testing instantly while keeping costs predictable.

Allows For More Aggressive Development Schedules

Engineering leaders we've worked with equate crowdtesting to having an additional 8 QA team members, at significant cost savings, and with greater flexibility. In a world of tight budgets and increasing expectations, the ability to economically offload manual QA with crowdtesting is an easy win for any margin-conscious team leader. For lean teams or those working on a tight schedule, there is no comparable substitute.

Helps Catch Issues Before They Impact Consumers

Even large teams find that customers still uncover issues before they do. Consumers have come to expect a high level of quality in digital products, and in a crowded market, even minor bugs can quickly lead to thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Crowdtesting serves as a line of defense against revenue-impeding bugs, by allowing teams to test with real users on real devices ahead of, or immediately after, every release. Subsequently, sending real trained testers on real devices through key product flows before consumers delivers peace of mind as well as meaningful returns in terms of recovered revenue.

Together, these benefits add up to a significant return on investment, often many times the cost of the testing itself. Moreover, in an ever-expanding library of consumer devices, geographic fragmentation, and the difficulty of hiring or contracting internal resources are all major obstacles to internal QA. Crowdtesting with test IO lets teams leverage thousands of trained testers on-demand—including nights and weekends—across all devices, operating systems, and locations.

Ultimately, crowdtesting ensures that QA resources are available whenever needed but are never left idle. It is a productivity resource that delivers immediate and everlasting returns in terms of time and revenue.

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