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test IO Works with Saatva to Help You Sleep Soundly at Night

John Kensinger

Saatva is an e-commerce platform comprised of five sites —, Saatva Mattress, Saatva Dreams, Loom and Leaf, and Zenhaven — that sell luxury mattresses and bedding. The company’s goal is to revolutionize the way we sleep by providing a wide selection of affordable and sustainable luxury sleep accessories to help guarantee the best night’s sleep.

We spoke with Scott Harger, Director of Engineering at Saatva, to find out more about the ways in which Saatva and test IO work together.

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The Team

Saatva’s engineering team is made up of three scrum teams that share a single QA analyst. The analyst works closely with the teams to assist them in deciding how to ensure the quality of changes: Is this something the primary developer can test? How about another developer? Is it a wider group effort? Ultimately, since development owns the quality, they make the call on the right quality process.

“Each day, we have a QA analyst triage results of the most recent test and add them to a queue that we work from.”

No Time to Waste, No Wasted Time

Scott told us that Saatva runs an efficient continuous deployment environment. With multiple sites selling different products, developers deploy across those sites numerous times each day. Since the development team owns quality, Scott doesn't want other functional teams unnecessarily involved.

“I don't want inefficient external gates to slow changes.”

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