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Testing Challenges in an Increasingly Connected World 

Modern life surrounds consumers with a vast ecosystem of smart products – from water bottles to thermostats and from mobile devices with card readers to the TVs in your home. Many of these products make great claims of integration with other devices or to be game-changing on their own, but all too often the experiences we have on these devices fall short of expectation. Tech savvy consumers expect a flawless product experience from unboxing to long-term adoption, and the costs of delivering under this bar can be extreme.

Release missteps can impact brand reputation and hurt market share in today’s competitive marketplace. It’s challenging to scale internal testing teams rapidly to meet the growing need for a quality ecosystem. In-house testers are limited in their ability to test with numerous device combinations and network conditions across the world, not to mention consumer demographics, individual preferences, and the nuances of dispersed localities. Our customers shared this with us, seeking an effective way to reduce release risk, add confidence to product rollouts and validate product experiences in the wild – and now we have an answer.

Introducing Product Experience Testing Services (PETS)

Test IO is pleased to introduce a new capability, Product Experience Testing Services (PETS), a new and exciting way for our customers to get real-world, actionable pre-release feedback on any consumer IoT, streaming or payments product. Leveraging the industry-leading Test IO platform, logistics and testing expertise from EPAM, we get your product into the hands of your target demographic user for real, in-the-wild pre-production testing. With 10+ years’ experience in crowdtesting featuring more than 400,000 testers in 187 countries covering many localities and languages, we deliver rapid testing capabilities for IoT, streaming devices and real payments.

Product Experience Testing Reduces Risk & Provides Actionable Feedback with Alpha Beta Testing

Test IO’s Product Experience Testing Services reduce risk by providing unbiased, actionable feedback on alpha/beta devices before release to market. You benefit from actionable pre-release testing to help avoid costly re-release mistakes. Easily validate your exciting consumer-facing concept at scale, with actionable feedback before releasing to the ever-competitive marketplace. PETS is scalable with a leading, global crowdtesting community that gives you capacity when you have spikes in demand. We test with your target demographics in specific countries, offering global device coverage with 50+ device models across web, Android, iOS, Windows PC, Apple and Android TV, Fire, Roku, Tizen, Xbox and others. By shifting testing left into the hands of real users, earlier in the product development lifecycle, we can help prevent an early influx of bad reviews that can sink a product.

We help ensure that products are both functionally and culturally adapted for consumers in target markets. Often, our community of testers find novel bugs that may have never been considered. For example, a leading provider of streaming devices had our community testers pre-release test devices in their target countries. A German tester noted the device ran hot to the touch, a sign of electricity wasting when it’s very expensive in her country, which would make the product less desirable in that market. This finding gave the client key information to create a remediation plan and remain competitive among their energy conscious customers in that market.  

Offering Specialized Recruiting

We identify testers via a rigorous qualification process and manage them for consistent participation and high-quality reporting, enabling you to focus your team’s efforts on reviewing and actioning their feedback. Testers are screened for thoroughness, language abilities, as well as the project’s hardware, environment and other bespoke requirements.

A major financial services corporation needed real payment testing for their secure remote commerce (SRC) platform application, to improve efficiencies between automated and manual testing, and increase coverage of devices, OS’s, and browser combinations for functional, exploratory and visual testing. Test IO’s crowdtesters covered 1,000 test scenarios per month toward regression and testing of new features. The customer was pleased to significantly improve the execution time for their regression testing after implementing recommendations from Test IO.

Delivering Quality & Thorough Results

What’s most important is the end results. So, what can you expect from us? We provide feedback not just on quality and functionality but are focused on the totality of the user experience by providing both functional bug reports and real-world product usability.

A top manufacturer of digital media players was looking to ramp up efforts around a run beta program. Test IO delivered over 2,000 bugs that were accepted by the customer over the course of eight betas in 48 test sprints. Launch occurred on time with less support issues than their expected baseline. In-country testers provided the customer with insight into region specific translation and cultural nuances that were lacking before working with Test IO. Afterwards, the product lead shared: The “bugs are excellently written and actionable. This is the best beta program we have ever done.”

Get in Touch

If you seek to deliver world-class experiences across consumer products in the streaming, payments, and IoT space, reach out to the PETS team at [email protected]! We’ll be happy to give you a tour around the successful customers we’ve helped and show you how we can help you.



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