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Prevent Losing Revenue by Performing Crowdsourced Beta Testing

Beta testing offers keen insights into how customers will interact with your software. By releasing a product, such as a mobile app, before you before beta testing — also known as User Acceptance Testing (UAT) — you run the risk of failure. You need to convince users that your mobile app is something they need to use on a regular basis.

Users today are impatient and have high expectations, so if you release software that doesn’t perform, they’ll quickly move on. Crowdsourced beta testing allows you to see whether or not your product meets user expectations before and after you ship it.

Crowdsourced beta testing means putting your product in the hands of real people with real devices all around the world to see how your software performs. By discovering how your product works in real-world conditions, you can confidently release a product that will provide a positive user experience. Crowdsourced beta testing not only tests your product for usability, it also affirms:


test IO offers crowdsourced beta testing services to help you fine-tune your software.
With thousands of testers all over the globe using an array of different mobile devices, you will get immediate feedback on whether or not your mobile app is ready to be released. When you use in-house beta testers, your software development team can’t be assured that the feedback will be free of cognitive biases. test IO’s professional testers are free from those biases. They are free from feeling the need to please you with their feedback. They are motivated only by giving you honest input that will help you succeed. Test IO chooses expert testers who resemble our target customer base who can:

Use different devices in multiple locations
Point out missing functionality
Identify absent error conditions, interface glitches, and more
Report bugs and allow you to see test results in real-time
Crowdsourced beta testing allows you to find and fix problems that could affect how well users accept your software. With test IO, you can quickly get reliable, meaningful feedback on every facet of your mobile app, from speed to security to quality assurance. Release with confidence and avoid losing revenue when you utilize test IO’s software testing services.

Reach out to us today to learn more about all of test IO’s professional crowdsourced testing services and how we can meet all of your testing needs.


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