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Get Paid to Perform Beta Testing

Beta testing answers the important question: Will users accept this software? In order to learn the answer to this question, software developers, app developers, and designers need real people to test their new products before they launch and as they introduce new features and iterations. The goal is to launch a quality product that will be well-received by the general public. You can help these designers and developers by becoming a paid beta tester for test IO.

test IO provides quality assurance testing as a service through crowdtesting. We employ a crowd of testers from around the world with a variety of backgrounds and education levels to assist tech companies in working out the bugs in their new software. By having this diverse population of beta testers, we are able to meet our clients’ needs by creating a testing group that mirrors their potential audience. Beta testing is one of the essential testing services offered by test IO. You can earn money doing something you love by becoming one of our crowdtesters.

Enjoy testing out brand new products?
If you’re looking to try paid beta testing, consider test IO. When you work for test IO, you become one of our valuable testers and can enjoy these perks:

Get paid $50 for the top bugs you find
Work from home or wherever suits you
Get early access to new games, mobile apps, and more
Once you join the test IO team, you can register all the devices you will be using, and then you will receive invitations to perform tests. test IO offers a variety of services: regression testing, beta testing, usability testing, exploratory testing, and more.

To help us meet our clients’ need for professional testers, test IO seeks individuals who excel at:

Providing honest, useful feedback
Rolling with the punches and thinking outside-of-the-box
Observing and documenting critical information
Make money online by being an independent, paid beta tester for test IO. Sign up and start testing today.


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