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Continuous Testing Services

Creating a DevOps Culture with Continuous Testing Services

In an age of rapid software release, continuous integration, and the constant iterations of new features, companies need to embrace a DevOps culture of agile development where everyone works together to not only streamline the build process but also focus on the user’s experience. In order to reduce the risk of failure, your software developers and operations managers need to increase communication and collaboration while creating and implementing a continuous testing strategy. 

Incorporating continuous testing practices into your workflow will help your team release software with confidence. But assembling a team of testers with the right devices can be time-consuming and doesn't guarantee that you will get the quality feedback you need to move forward and keep your users pleased. That's where a continuous testing service can help.

A modern, agile continuous testing service can integrate into your workflow, provide tests on demand before, during, and after software release, and give you test results that actually help you improve your product. test IO is just such a testing service. test IO offers our clients unlimited on-demand testing around the clock. Our skilled case managers can help you create a testing rhythm that not only suits your delivery cycle needs but also gives you meaningful, immediate feedback. 

How does test IO meet your testing needs and assist your DevOps team in increasing communication, collaboration, and success? test IO utilizes the power of the crowd through crowdtesters who can perform any number of tests on your software, such as regression testing, beta testing, functional testing, user experience testing, and more.

test IO's crowdtesters are flexible, experienced, and motivated to help you work out bugs and issues before you launch and as you continuously improve your software. Our professional crowdtesters:
  • Are located all over the globe
  • Have a vast array of devices to perform full-coverage testing
  • Are chosen based on their educational backgrounds, characteristics, and interests
  • Provide insightful, useful feedback with visual evidence
  • Are available to answer follow-up questions
test IO's testing platform and crowdtesters help increase your agility and speed up your software delivery times, all while keeping your customers satisfied. Software testing can no longer be a one-off experience. With our testing platform, you can easily create test parameters and testing cycles, integrate bug reports into your project workflow, and most importantly, hear from our testers. 

When you create a DevOps culture around your software development, you can release your software with greater speed and frequency than with other approaches. A DevOps environment requires continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous testing. 

To achieve those requirements, you have to make test automation part of your reality, but you don't have to do your own heavy-lifting when it comes to testing. Your test IO Customer Success Manager can help you improve your testing strategy and facilitate the way for continuous software testing with the test IO platform, and our experienced crowdtesters will detect bugs and issues and give you the critical input you need to deliver to your users time and again. 

To see just how the test IO testing services, platform, and crowdtesters can help meet your testing needs, take part in a free demo now.


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