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Will Free Test Management Tools Deliver?

Your quality assurance (QA) team might be considering an open source test suite that offers free test management tools. No doubt your software development team has put in tremendous time and resources into creating as best product as possible. So why risk launching a product that might not meet user expectations because you took shortcuts when it came to software testing?

Test management can be stressful and time-consuming. That’s why QA testing as a service–when it’s done correctly and thoroughly–can be invaluable. It can help you all but guarantee that you will be launching a mobile app, website, or any other software with success.

test IO offers test management tools that you can trust. Our agile software testing platform makes initiating test cases and the entire testing process rapid and stress-free.

The test IO Difference

What differentiates test IO from other test management tools and services is our human-powered testing capabilities. We provide your software developers and QA teams with professional crowdtesters who can perform beta testing, usability testing, functional testing, and more on your software before you launch and as you release updates.

test IO’s crowdtesters:

Use their devices in various real-world settings around the globe
Provide your teams with unbiased, meaningful feedback not just noise
Investigate a website or application thoroughly or within set parameters–you choose

By providing you with these test management tools, your team is free to focus on more important matters while getting the quality assurance you need to launch a successful app, website, or SaaS product. Every test IO customer is assigned a customer success manager who works with you to ensure an optimal testing process and high-quality test results.

Don’t risk using free test management tools that might not deliver. With test IO’s crowdtesters you can not only fix bugs, you gain insights into how humans will receive and perceive the software you worked so diligently on.

Get a free demo and learn more about all of our test management tools and services today.


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