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Functional Testing Services

Why Functional Testing Services are Essential to Product Success

Functional testing ensures your software works for the user the way you anticipated. The functional testing process can be complex though. You have to identify the test data, compute the expected outcomes, execute test cases, and compare your test results to your expected outcomes. By outsourcing to a functional testing service, you can keep your focus on fine-tuning your website or mobile app by letting the testing service do the heavy lifting for you.

Based on your needs and specifications, a functional testing service can check your software from top to bottom to provide you with the quality assurance you need to release your app or launch your website with confidence. But functional testing doesn't have to be a one-off testing approach either. As you design upgrades and add new features, functional testing can become part of your workflow, so you can quickly identify and fix issues that could harm the users’ experience. Today's users will quickly abandon a mobile app or website if it fails to meet their standards. Avoid this pitfall by performing high quality functional testing.

Using a Testing Services that Meet All of Your Needs

test IO can handle all of your testing needs with our agile testing platform and diverse crowd of testers. With thousands of testers situated around the world, we can quickly assemble a testing team with the devices, platforms, and versions you need to increase your software's chances of success time and time again. Our motivated, experienced testers provide you with test data, including:
  • The step-by-step process they used to get to their outcomes
  • Visuals, such as screenshots and videos to show you exactly what they found
  • Reports of the bugs they found with a severity rating
Our testers also search for functional bugs and attempt to reproduce the most critical ones across devices and browsers. Many of our crowdtesters have experience in the software development field. They can check your user interface, error condition messaging, text handling. But it's not just the quality of feedback test IO's testers provide. They also report their findings within days of you initiating a test cycle, so you can keep moving forward and making improvements to your software. test IO has it all: agility, speed, and high quality feedback. 

test IO doesn't just offer a one-size-fits-all approach to our functional testing services, either. Our crowdtesters can execute smoke testing, sanity testing, regression testing, and compatibility testing. User acceptance testing can also be performed as part of a functional test cycle because functionality and user acceptance go hand-in-hand. Moreover, all of these forms of testing are molded to your team’s specific needs, ensuring a custom experience from the start.

It's risky to release your software without performing comprehensive functional testing. test IO provides the software testing techniques your product demands and has thousands of experienced testers to help make sure it’s ready for release. In a world where quality assurance is key and users have high expectations, you can't afford a misstep. test IO has all the testing services you need to deliver. Take a closer look at how test IO's crowdtesters and testing platform can put you and your software on a successful trajectory today by taking part in a free demo.


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