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User Acceptance Testing Services

The Need for User Acceptance Testing Services

When it comes to any software, the bottom-line is that if it fails to meet users’ expectations, they will move on from it. They know that their needs can be met elsewhere. That’s what makes user acceptance so critical. 

Performing user acceptance testing in-house can be challenging to say the least. It can be time-consuming and demands extensive resources to cover the depth of devices users might use to engage with your software. And an in-house testing team will also have inherent biases and expectations of success that could skew the test results. A user acceptance testing service can help mitigate some of those challenges, but it can be difficult to determine what type of testing service is right for you. 

Some user acceptance or beta testing services can help you detect bugs and provide feedback on reliability or stability, but their scope can be limited. Some user acceptance testing services support iOS apps but not Android apps. Also, unless a user acceptance testing service can put your software into the hands of real people with a vast array of real devices, then you won’t really know how well your software is received. That’s what makes a global testing service with thousands of testers at their disposal worth looking into.

User Acceptance Testing with Crowdtesters

Crowdtesting is a method of user acceptance testing that can give your software developers, product managers, QA team, and marketers critical insights into how actual customers will not only interact with your software but how they feel about it. Using crowdtesters to perform user acceptance testing is also a happy medium between performing extensive usability testing and traditional hallway testing. 

test IO employs thousands of professional testers from around the world that are ready to test your software on-demand. They use their real devices in real-world scenarios to evaluate your product and gather test data. Because of our volume of testers, test IO can even select crowdtesters for you who closely mirror your target audience. That means the feedback they provide is significantly meaningful.

Other benefits of performing user acceptance testing with test IO include:

  • Being able to work out problems pre-release, so you can avoid negative feedback and consequences of launching a buggy product
  • You can determine exactly what you want our crowdtesters to test: small chunks of your product or whole product by initiating test cycles as needed
  • Accessing easy-to-use testing tools at your fingertips, so you can maintain focus on improving your software and not worry about test management
  • Using expert testers who are highly motivated to find bugs and usability issues and aren’t hampered by cognitive biases or tempted to just say what you want to hear
Performing functional testing on your product pre-release isn’t enough. Just because it performs the way you anticipated doesn’t mean end users will accept it. And with the rise of agile, iterative software development patterns and with the rise of continuous delivery, performing user acceptance testing just once before you launch will no longer suffice. That's why test IO’s testing service is not intended to be a one-off experience. 

With a dedicated customer success manager assigned to your account, test IO can help facilitate initiating testing cycles that will have our crowdtesters continuously affirming not only the high quality and usability of your software but also its security, stability, functionality, and reliability. Test IO is a full-service testing service that is committed to meeting all of your business needs and helping you launch and update with success.

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