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Entertainment App Testing

Really great apps make stickiness look easy. If you’ve ever worked on one, you know it’s anything but easy. A blockbuster fun app combines great user experience design with flawless execution.

What is Entertainment App Testing?

Great apps need end-to-end user testing, from prototype all the way to release. Facebook has thousands of employees and a billion users, so it’s easy for them to get all the feedback they need — and they still make mistakes. If you’re competing for users’ attention without that kind of scale, you need an edge.

Entertainment App Testing with test IO

At test IO, gives you that edge. It’s like being able to test your app with a group of customers, even when you don’t have customers to spare. Our crowdtesters are skilled in both usability and functional testing. They can tell you when something doesn’t make sense and when it doesn’t work. They can benchmark your app against others in the market, so you’ll know where you stand. And with unmatched device coverage, test IO gets your app out of the lab and into the real world where real people live, work, and play.


Learn More About Test IO

Our testing experts stand ready to address your most challenging QA initiatives. If you’re interested in becoming a freelance tester, click here