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Exploratory Testing Services

Performing Exploratory Testing Services with Crowdtesters

As you develop your software, you should never lose sight of how users will experience your product. Humans are unpredictable, so it can be difficult to account for all the ways they will engage with your software and navigate it. Exploratory testing services can help you ascertain if your users will experience your software as you anticipated or if you need to work out some bugs and issues first- whether you are deploying a mobile app, e-commerce website, or web application. 

Exploratory testing can be as specific or as broad as you want, but it is generally unscripted. It emphasizes the freedom of the tester to explore what they think is important.

There are a lot of advantages to performing exploratory testing. Testers can use an array of devices, platforms, and/or browsers to look at the software with fresh eyes. And, while automated testing is certainly advantageous to have in place, an automated test cannot tell you everything about product quality or the visual experience.

test IO offers comprehensive exploratory testing services to help fill in the gaps. Every test IO client is assigned a customer service test manager who can help you create a test plan and assist you in setting up test parameters that allow testers to explore different aspects of your software. This type of testing tool helps you fine tune your software throughout the development process, even after you launch and introduce new iterations or features. With test IO, you can test 24/7/365 and get your test results in real-time, too (from professional and experienced software testers).

test IO believes in the power of the crowd. That means we employ thousands testers from all over the globe, who speak many languages, have a variety of educational backgrounds, and also have a variety of devices that they will use to engage with your product. Our testers can take into account the issues of each web browser and platform as well as mitigating factors that might affect how your software performs. This ensures the kind of testing coverage you require by experienced testers who aren't encumbered by cognitive biases or expectations.

Our crowdtesters are:

  • Able to use words, screenshots, and videos to communicate their findings
  • Motivated and focused on detecting bugs and defects that typical testing might not unearth
  • Curious and flexible, so they will engage with your product in ways you might not have anticipated
In many ways, using crowdtesters to perform exploratory testing can be a marriage of functional testing and usability testing. Exploratory testing with crowdtesters puts your software in the hands of real people on real devices who can thoroughly explore your product and provide you with meaningful feedback on how well your mobile app or website works as well as their experience with it. At test IO, we strive to provide agile testing services that meet your agile software development needs, so you can deliver your product with confidence with every update. 

Ready to see the crowdtesting difference and how test IO's modern, easy-to-use testing platform can change the way you test? Take part in a free demo to get a closer look.


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